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My philosiphy

In any given situation 10 different photographers will take 10 different photographs. I can only tell you what I do and the reasons I shoot the way I do.

People are what make each wedding unique. I want to tel the story of the day by capturing emotion, interaction and love. I do my best to see the wedding from your point of view and photographs the people and moments that you will want to remember. I do this by being myself and letting my heart dictate what I shoot rather than my head. I watch and document the important moments, capturing the essence of who you are as a couple by  being in the moment and getting to the point where you can trust me enough to relax and open up to me. The aim being that you can look at your photos in 20 years time and remember how you felt on your wedding day.

Ok, that sounds a little cheesy but I hope you understand what I mean!

My style of photography is mostly journalistic, but decide what it is for yourself by taking a look at my recent work on the blog.

I work all over the place. In England and abroad. I love to travel and my photography has taken me far and wide. Closer to home I have a couple of favourite venues. These are Meols Hall, which is within a few minutes walk from my house;)and The West Tower. I’ve shot at so many great venues recenly that I can’t name them all here. Some of my favourites are: The Hillbark Hotel, Knowsley Hall, Farrington Lodge, Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool and Eaves Hall in Clitheroe.

By then way, in case you haven’t worked it out yet, I love shooting weddings. This is my passion.