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Winner: Best Wedding Photographer in the North West 2015 (TWIA) // Fearless Photographers Best Wedding Photographer in the North West // Top 20 Wedding Photographer in the World 2015 (WPS) // Top 10 Creative Photographer in the UK (Autographer)

My Vision

It’s not good enough to just be there with a camera. A wedding photographer must be able to get into the heart and soul of the wedding to produce images that truly represent the wedding and the people involved. A good photograph can provoke emotion, raise questions and rekindle memories. A good photograph has the power to bring back the thoughts and feelings of a moment in history.

Whilst what I offer is 100% professional you will find that I’m quite a laid back kind of guy and I offer an very personal service. I will be there for your whole day and I want you to be comfortable, relaxed and able to be yourselves. I like to blend in with the festivities, talk to your guests and get involved in the day. I do all of the usual things you would expect, but aim to be creative as well. Most of what I do is documentary so I won’t take you away from your guests for any great lenght of time. In fact, having me shoot your wedding is more like having an extra guest that you don’t have to feed!

So what do I look for? – moments, emotion, reactions, crazy dancing and all of the bits and pieces in between that tell the story of the day. From the detail in the flowers to the intoxicated friend of the family dancing with his tie around his head. A wise man once told me ‘Steve, you’re a passionalte guy. Shoot from your heart and you won’t go wrong.’ So that’s what I try to do.

My style of photography is mostly journalistic, but decide what it is for yourself by taking a look at my recent work on my blog.


Where do I work?

I’m based in Manchsster but love to travel and my work has taken me far and wide. Closer to home I have a couple of favourite venues. These are Meols Hall, which is within a few minutes walk from my house 😉 and The West Tower. I’ve shot at so many great venues recenly that I can’t name them all here. Some of my favourites are: The Hillbark Hotel, Pimhill Barn, Coombe Abbey, Bartle Hall, Hogarths Hotel in Sollihull, Adlington Hall, Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool and Eaves Hall in Clitheroe.


Best Manchester Wedding Photographer

Recognition: In the past few years Steven has won 12 Fearless Awards and been asked to judge the WPS International Excellence Awards, from which he has also received 13 gongs. In 2014 he was listed as one of the top photographers in the UK by American Magazine blog, Wedzilla and listed in the top 10 creative photographers in the UK by cameara manufacturer Autographer. He was recently named as the Best Wedding Photographer in the North West 2015 at the Wedding Industry Awards and was listed in the top 100 wedding photographers in the world 2015.

Manchester Wedding Photographer